Wedgwood Christian Services has launched a new testing service that will help families in our community with children and teens struggling with academic and emotional challenges.

Wedgwood’s Psychoeducational Testing is completed in three appointment assessments, including an initial interview, a testing session, and a feedback session. The assessment provides parents and their child or teen insight into how the child processes information, solves problems, functions in learning environments, and how social and emotional responses impact learning and relationships.

There are very few places in the Grand Rapids area where children and adolescents can receive Psychoeducational Testing, and Wedgwood’s program is one of the only testing programs that have the child or teen actively involved in the entire assessment, including receiving age-appropriate feedback about the test results.

“Psychoeducational Testing allows us to gain a lot of helpful information about a child or teen’s academic and emotional challenges in a short period of time,” said Dr. Elizabeth Raese, Wedgwood Psychologist overseeing the Psychoeducational Testing program. “With these insights, families can work with therapists and schools to create a plan to support academic success.”

Wedgwood’s program does not currently have a waiting list. “When your child is struggling academically and emotionally, having to wait 2-3 months can seem like an eternity,” said Dr. Raese. “We want to help families find answers to understand their child’s learning and behavior challenges, and maximize their learning potential.”

There are two types of Psychoeducational assessments available at Wedgwood.

Basic Assessment

Extended Assessment

  • Evaluates cognitive strengths & struggles
  • Memory and attention testing
  • Identifies areas that may impact learning
  • Gives information about child’s intellectual abilities and current performance in major academic areas
  • Offers recommendations to support learning and academic progress
  • Includes all Basic Assessment testing
  • Assesses how mental health issues or personality traits may be affecting learning
  • Provides targeted recommendations based on an understanding of child’s cognitive, emotional, & social development

For more information about the Psychoeducational Testing, parents can visit or call (616) 942-7294 to make an appointment.

Due to the educational focus of the testing, all assessments are private pay at a competitive rate.


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