Team Wedgwood

Every year during the Christmas season, armed with contributions from family, friends and co-workers, Terri shops for pajamas to give to the kids who call Wedgwood home. This particular year, the store was especially busy, hot and understaffed. As Terri stood in the long line with her two carts, she began losing patience and considered leaving and returning another time. At that moment a store manager tapped Terri on the shoulder and directed her to the next cash register where a young employee was opening up. As Terri unloaded the pajamas, the cashier began scanning and placing them in a shopping basket. 

Cashier: “Can I ask what you’re going to do with all of these?”
Terri: “Oh, I buy these for a local non-profit agency”
Cashier: “Wow. That’s nice. Which one?”
Terri: “Wedgwood Christian Services.”

At that point, the young lady froze, a pair of pajamas in her hand, and looked Terri straight in the eye.

Cashier: “They saved my life.”

The two women shared a moment, both sets of eyes filling with emotion.

Cashier: “Can I give you a hug?”

As the women embraced over the pile of pajamas in a hot and crowded store during the Christmas rush, Terri felt God’s grace and was reminded of just why she began supporting Wedgwood all those years ago.

Through the support of kind-hearted donors like you and Terri, we can continue to provide life-changing services and programs to children and teens who feel hopeless and alone, right here in West Michigan.

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