Parenting Management Training Oregon Model (PMTO)


Parents are their child's best teachers!

How is PMTO different from “regular” counseling?

  • Evidenced-Based

Over 40 years of research and application has proven that PMTO is effective

  • Empowering

PMTO empowers parents as primary treatment agents to promote and sustain change in families.

  • Emphasizes

PMTO identifies and builds upon strengths that are already present in parents and children and their environment.

  • Encourages

PMTO focuses on shaping children’s behaviors with positive reinforcement and shining a light on the behaviors that parents want to see grow in their children.


PMTO Core Parenting Practices:

  • Encouragement
  • Limit Setting
  • Problem solving
  • Monitoring
  • Positive Involvement


How can I find out if PMTO is the best treatment for my family?

The first step is for you to call the Bouma Counseling Center at 616-942-7294 where you will be directed to a PMTO therapist to schedule a brief 20-minute screening. Please have your child’s insurance information ready when calling. If you have specific questions about the program or its criteria, the therapist will be able to answer them during your screening. 


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