Impulsive Sexual Behavior

Intensive treatment is available for adolescent males ages 10-17 with sexual behavior problems, adjudicated and non-adjudicated. Professionally trained staff provide close supervision and milieu therapy. There is a strong peer accountability model, including 3-5 hours of group therapy per week, along with individual and family therapy.

There is a specialized unit for boys who are lower functioning. Wedgwood provides the latest risk assessment and treatment protocols. Those protocols include the JSOAP-II, ERASOR, Adolescent Cognitions Scale, PHASE Sexual Attitudes Questionnaire, Psychological testing, ABEL-ASI testing for deviant sexual interest, and post-conviction Clinical Polygraph Exams.

PREA: Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)

Wedgwood Christian Services is committed to ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for all of our clients in our care. Wedgwood maintains compliance with federal regulations and laws enacted under PREA. Wedgwood complies with PREA standards by educating and familiarizing clients and staff on preventing, detecting, and responding to sexual abuse. There is zero tolerance of sexual abuse of clients in residential treatment. If you suspect the sexual abuse or harassment of a resident, you can report this anytime by calling the MDHHS Children’s Protective Services line at 855-444-3911.


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