Sex Trafficking

As a part of the Manasseh Project, a specialized shelter and trauma recovery center has been developed for girls who are the victims of sex trafficking and other forms of severe sexual abuse. The home will provide both shelter care as well as a secure, trauma focused treatment experience with specialized programming to help sex trafficked/sexual abuse victims find healing in a safe environment. Specialized individual therapy will be provided as well as family treatment.

Exposure to new activities will be provided to expand the girls' awareness of opportunities available to them. They will be involved in adjunct therapies such as art, dance, music which serve to heal, restore and rehabilitate by improving self-esteem, reducing stress, and giving alternative recreational choices.

Academic options will be available including providing classes in the home if the girls do not feel comfortable going into the community, attendance at community schools and/or the option of pursuing their GED. They will be given employment training to learn skills to increase their confidence and abilities. The goal is to give them options for reaching personal success in life. Gradual transitioning into the community will occur as a sense of self and safety is developed.

To learn more about the Manasseh Project and other Transforming Services, click HERE.


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