Dear New Comers: A Letter From Someone Who's Been There

Posted: 2016-08-02 11:39 by A Former Residential Client


Dear New Comers,

    Today you have a choice; you can either start living or continue existing. Where you are sitting right now, I have been there.  Recovery is an amazing thing; you can either open up and accept this gift, or you can continue to be imprisoned by addiction.  It does get tough, but with recovery you learn to be open and honest so you can process through these rough times.  

    Coming in, I know that some people do not want to be here, and some think that there is no reason for it.  I suggest that you keep an open mind and really try to work recovery, because if you work it, you will see the progress.  You could continue on the path you are on, but I want you to look at where it has gotten you thus far.  

    Think about it this way, why couldn’t you stop using if you didn’t have a problem? All the times you knew you should have stopped but you didn’t, why?  You should not come in here hating everyone who tries to help you, open up and talk about things!   Don’t just “do time!”  Instead of counting how many days you’ve been here, count the days that you have been clean!  

    You can try and blame everyone else for the reasons that you are here, or you can be real and accept that this is where you have gotten yourself.  Do you feel like you’ve been accomplishing things while you have been using?  Have you truly been living, or have you just been existing in addiction?  Quit hiding from your problems, if you deal with them you will feel so much better, I know because I did it.  I work my recovery and I see the results, and so will you, if you decide to open up and let recovery in!  Life is such a beautiful thing, why waste it in the passenger seat while your addiction drives? 

Someone Who’s Been There

This letter is written by a former residential client, passing on words of advice for those just coming into Wedgwood's care and starting on their road to recovery.

If you or someone in your life are ready to start living a life free of addiction, Wedgwood can help.
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Wedding Season For Married Couples

Posted: 2016-07-01 11:14 by Erin Rowlson, LMFT

Tis the season of weddings, gifts and receptions.

Weddings are a joyful and exciting event to take part in. As a married couple, who have been through the planning, preparation and excitement of your wedding day you understand what it takes to get down that aisle and say “I Do.” You also know what work it can take to keep that marriage going strong.

During this wedding season use these romantic and exciting events to keep the spark alive in your own marriage. On days you have weddings to attend, talk with your spouse about your wedding day and the good memories you have of that day. Treat yourselves to a pre or post wedding date just for the two of you. Hold hands during the ceremony and think about your vows and how far you’ve come as a couple. Request your wedding song at the reception and dance like it’s your first dance all over again. Book a hotel for the night and escape, just the two of you, to celebrate your love.

All these little things add up and can ignite the spark within your own relationship and help strengthen your connection with one another. As you attend weddings this season, not only focus on the newlyweds but put the focus back on your relationship and vows you said to each other.

If you find the spark missing from your relationship Wedgwood Christian Services can help. Our certified therapists can help couples identify the issues and build upon strengths to get you back to where you want to be with your spouse.

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10 Questions to Ask Your Fiance

Posted: 2016-05-19 16:31 by Erin Rowlson, LMFT


“Honey, what color do you think the dresses should be?”

“Honey, who sit by whom at the reception?”

If you’re planning a wedding these questions ring all too familiar with you. As couples prepare and plan for the big wedding day there are many questions surrounding the minute details of the entire day. As you and your fiancé plan the wedding of your dreams why not also plan for the marriage of your lives? Your fiancé is the one you have chosen to be your partner and share in the rest of what life has to offer. How well do you know what they want out of life? As you ask the questions about the wedding day also throw in questions about your upcoming married life.

Here are our top 10 questions to ask your fiancé before saying “I do” on the big day.

  1. How will we handle finances?
  2. Do we want children?
  3. What type of parents do we want to be?
  4. Are we religious? How will this play out in our lives? Children’s lives?
  5. What are our expectations of each other?
  6. Where do we want to live?
  7. What are our goals for the relationship in one year? Five years? Twenty years?
  8. How are we going to handle conflict?
  9. How are we going to handle holidays/celebrations with our families?
  10. How will we spend our free time?

Now this is just 10 questions – what other topics do you think are important for couples to discuss prior to walking down the aisle?

If these questions have raised concerns about the relationship Wedgwood Christian Services is here to help you and your fiancé. We have certified therapists in the PREPARE/ENRICH model, the #1 inventory used by couples to strengthen their relationships, who can assist you as you continue to plan for the wedding so that you can still have the wedding day of your dreams and the marriage of your lives.

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